At Morpeth Road we follow Read Write Inc with fidelity to the scheme in Reception and KS1. Where needed KS2 children also do Read Write Inc.

In EYFS phonics is taught daily through daily lessons and targeted interventions using pinny time. It is ensured that books carefully match the children’s phonic knowledge. By the end of Reception, children use their knowledge of phonics to read accurately and with increasing speed and fluency.

In KS1 Read Write Inc phonics builds on knowledge from EYFS, ensuring pupils can sound and blend quickly and accurately. RWI is taught daily for 40 minutes which includes a speed sounds lesson and story book lesson. THis is taught in targeted groups based on children’s assessments. In addition, all children receive daily intervention to support blending or fluency.

The school has clear expectations of pupils’ phonics progress term-by-term, from Reception to Year 2. Ongoing assessment of pupils’ phonics progress is frequent and detailed and identifies any pupil who is falling behind the programme’s pace. Targeted intervention is immediately given.